Sushi Yoshi 鮨よし

During our  time at Biei, we stayed for a night at Asahikawa (旭川市), which is only a short distance away. We had dinner that night at Sushi Yoshi 鮨よし. It is a small sushi restaurant with only 6 counter seats. The restaurant is run solely by the sushi chef owner. He does not have any other staff and he only serves 6 customers per night. What makes Sushi Yoshi so special is that the sushi that they serve are not only fresh and of good quality, they are famous for serving huge, I mean really huge sushi. The sushi are at least 3 or 4 times bigger than what you normally see. It was also surprisingly cheap. Dinner for two was less than 6,000 Yen. We had a really and memorable dinner that night. Highly recommended! If you intend to go there, make sure you arrive there not later than 6:30pm. The 6 counters seats will fill up pretty quickly, and the sushi chef will turn away the 7th customer.

All the food shots were taken with Olympus Pen EP-1 with Voigtländer Nokton 58mm F 1,4 SLII.


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