Sushi Ocean 鮨海 

Sushi Ocean 鮨海 is an authentic sushi restaurant in Hong Kong. This restaurant probably has the cheapest and best value “omakase” in Hong Kong. In general, you will only find omakase in good sushi restaurants. The prices of omakase usually starts at around HK$800 and upwards and in my experience, the prices of omakase in good sushi restaurants in Japan are around the same price range as well. However, omakase at Sushi Ocean starts at HK$400 only.

Last week, I went to Sushi Ocean to try out their cheapest HK$400 omakase to see what one can get at such a low price. I must say I was not disappointed. The sashimi and sushi were all fresh, of very good quality and all directly from Japan. Of course one should not expect to get some of the more expensive varieties like Ōtoro or Shima-aji at this price, but the variety of seafood are still very good considering the price. The sushi chef was very friendly and a very talkative person. I recommend getting a seat at the sushi bar, you will be well entertained.

Obviously, this is a restaurant that I highly recommend. Next time I will try out their more expensive omakase course. All photos were taken with canon EOS 5D Mark II with EF 50mm f/1.4 USM.


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