Nikon D3100 Street Price in Hong Kong

The new Nikon D3100 is available in Hong Kong. I have obtain the latest street price from Echo Photo & Audio. The body is selling for HK$3,400 and the kit version is selling for HK$4,400.

I have on information about the availability of Nikon D7000 yet, but I will post it as soon as I have info.

For advise on where to buy in Hong Kong (and information and contact info for Echo Photo & Audio), please visit my article on “Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong“. For information on latest street price, please visit my page on “Camera and Lens Street Price in Hong Kong“.


4 thoughts on “Nikon D3100 Street Price in Hong Kong

  1. Hi Roland,

    I called the echo store and they are telling me that they are selling it for 5,250 hkd and not 4,400 hkd.

    That’s almost 1k higher, how come the price difference is so huge? I told them that I got a recommendation from you.

    Will you recommend people to buy in Wan Chai Computer Center? Is there a chance that they will scam you?

    David Or

    • Hi David,

      I have just talked to Mr Yip of Echo today and he told me about the current prices for the D3100, which I have updated at my “Hong Kong Camera and Lens Street Price list” article.

      Apparently, Nikon Hong Kong under estimated the demand of teh D3100 and there is a gross shortage of stock for this camera in Hong Kong after the introduction September. As I have explained previously at my “Hong Kong Camera and Lens Street Price list” article, the prices of cameras and lenses in Hong Kong can be affected by many marketing factors including supply and demand. Unfortunately shortages is a factor and that grossly affect the street price of camera.

      I have personally never shopped at Wan Chai Computer Centre, I am not saying the shops there are not reliable, but it is my personal policy to only put down shops that I have personal experience with in the recommended list. I simply do not know if they are reliable or not.

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