Food Photography With Extreme Shallow Depth of Field

My regular readers would know that I am a fond lover of food and food photography. I consider my food photos as a form of artistic expression rather than purely as documentation, so I will generally go for a shallow depth of field. I have on and off received comments or questions about the use of shallow depth of field. Some people may like deeper depth of field, so they can “see” the food more clearly. Personally, I prefer a shallow depth of field approach. Although you may not see all part of the food so clearly, but it makes the food looks more appealing.

My most common setup is to use a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM with or without a short section of Kenko extension tube on Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Without any extension tube, I usually set the aperture at maximum of f/1.4. However, with the extension tube on, the depth of field becomes even shallower with a given aperture, quite often too shallow at f/1.4 even for my taste. So I usually use f/1.5 to f/2.8 with extension tube on. However, I do sometimes try to use f/1.4, and the results maybe quite pleasing for certain photos. The extreme shallow depth of field can give the shots a “dreamy, surrealistic” look.

The following shots were taken using this approach, and I personally quite like them.


One thought on “Food Photography With Extreme Shallow Depth of Field

  1. Hi Roland, You are still at it and doing great. Have been rather busy of late trying to do a picture a day. One runs out of ideas but it keeps me thinking. will be doing a call to HK on the !2 oct will give a call if you are around will be there on my own just taking pictures. Have still not started a blog of my own, will do so as soon as i have a good few reasonable photos.
    We all send our regards to you and family.

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