Canon BG-E9 New Battery Grip for EOS 60D

I have just acquired a new BG-E9 today, which is a new battery grip designed for the EOS 60D. The EOS 60D  uses the LP-E6 battery (instead of Bp-511A), , first introduced for the EOS 5D Mark II and subsequently used in the EOS 7D. Therefore, it cannot use the old BG-E2N grip, and required the new BG-E9.

The BG-E9 is different from the BG-E2N in a few ways other than using different kind of battery. The BG-E9 loads batteries with a battery tray from the side, unlike the Bg-E2N, which load batteries from the back.

A good news for xxD user upgrading to the 60D is that, Canon has finally put an AF-ON button on the battery grip. The power switch for the battery grip is now placed at the back of the grip instead of the the side close to the shutter release as in previous Canon battery grips.

You can also see from the photos below that the BG-E9 is made in Taiwan instead of Japan, just like the BG-E7 grip for the EOS 7D.


5 thoughts on “Canon BG-E9 New Battery Grip for EOS 60D

  1. The AF-On is not excite to me unless they having the joystick in order for me to position the focusing point while I’m shooting portrait grip.

    Till today, I can’t understand what is this 60D for.

    Look forward the 5D Mk3 with the AF function as the 7D plus the joystick on the battery grip.

    I nail every single shot on moving subject with my 7D.

  2. Hi, i have just one question
    being the owner of a 40D, i definitely love my camera and wouldn’t swap it with any display turning fashion 60D, altough I never loved the ergonomics of the Bg-E2/E2N
    and I was wondering if is this E9 IN ANY WAY backwards-compatible with the 40, even losing some funcionalities like back button and such, or with minor modifications to the battery grip itself.

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