Canon EOS 60D Initial Impressions

I have played with the new 60D for a few days and it’s time to write about some initial impressions. The full review will come later. The battery grip has arrived and I will be picking it up later today. So here we go.

1. One of the major change with the 60D is that Canon has placed it as an upgrade to the xxxD/Rebel line rather than as a direct successor to the 50D. The body hence is a bit smaller and lighter than the 50D and the outer shell is now made of plastic rather than metal. However, the plastic is of very good, high quality plastic. It feels very solid and does not feel cheap and plastiky at all. In fact, it does not feel that much different compared to the 50D. I actually have no complaint about the built quality of the 60D.

2. The body alone without the grip feels quite comfortable in my hands. However, as the body is smaller than the 50D, people with big hands may feel that the 60D may feel slightly too small.

3. The swivel LCD is nice, a first for Canon DSLR, but it is not really new technology or any major technological breakthrough. Canon Powershot G1 already had a similar swivel LCD years ago.

4. The new multi-controller placed inside the Quick Control Dial, replaced the mini-joystick style multi-controller in previous xxD, 7D and 5D series. Opinion seems to be quite divided about the new multi-controller. I personally have no problem using the new multi-controller. I will see how it works out after I get the battery grip.

5. The top LCD display does not have display for WB and file quality settings as in previous xxD. I personally feel it is a mistake for Canon to take away these settings as they should be clearly visible at all times.

6. Although there some some significant changes in buttons position and function, in use, most most Canon users should be able to get to grip with the new layout pretty quickly and does not feel that much different ergonomically compared to previous xxD series.

7. Image quality wide, I feel that the 60D should be pretty close to the 7D, as it is expected since they basically share the same sensor. However, I will reserve judgment till I do comparison tests.




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