Sushi Sase 鮨佐瀬

Sushi Sase is a new sushi restaurant that opened in Central district in Hong Kong this year. The name of the restaurant came from the name of the chef, Mr Satoshi Sase. Although it is a new restaurant, it is already a famous with a lot of hype and report in major media in Hong Kong. The reason being that Mr Satoshi Sase is a top sushi chef from Sapporo Japan. He is an award wining chef and he previously worked in the award winning Sushizen in Sapporo before he came to Hong Kong.

The decor of Sushi Sase from exterior to interior are designed with authentic Japanese style and decor. Visiting Sushi Sase gives one a sensation of being transported to Japan. Even the toilets get the full Japanese treatment including fully automatic Toto toilet seats.

The most important of course is the food. Most people will probably choose to eat one of the omakase menus. We sat in the sushi bar and was served by Mr Sase himself. We choose to try the Chef’s omakase menu, which would be typical in what one would find in good authentic sushi restaurants, starting off first with different selections of sashimi and then going on to different sushi. We were definitely not disappointed with the quality of the food here. In fact, I would say Sushi Sase is at a level that is on par with some of the best Sushi restaurants we have tried in Japan.

The quality and freshness of the seafood is of course one of the prime deciding factor in what makes a good sushi restaurant. Of course the quality and choice of seafood offered here during the omakase course was excellent. Of course it takes a lot more than just good good ingredients to make good sashimi and sushi. One aspect that separates really good from the average sushi restaurant is how the chef prepares each individual sashimi and sushi dishes. Preparing sashimi and sushi is not just simply cutting up a piece of raw seafood and putting it on the plate or on top of rice. Each sashimi or sushi is really a culinary creation by itself with the chef adding flavor like rock salt, lime juice, soya sauce, wasabi, vinegar or some specially prepared sauce made by the chef. Although you will find soya sauce and wasabi at your seat, but you will seldom find need to use either as most sashimi and sushi already came fully flavored by the chef.

Part of the charm of eating omakase at the sushi bar is the chance of interaction between the chef and the customers, and Mr Sase is a very nice and friendly person, who would not be afraid to entertain his guest at the sushi bar. One amusing incident when we were there was when one of the guest was taking photo of a largish piece of toro that Mr Sase was cutting from while preparing a sushi. Mr Sase told the guest that the piece of toro was not really big and not good for photos. So he went to the fridge and took out a really large piece of toro, unwrap it and let all the guest see and took photos. He also went on to explain how and where he sourced the best quality toro from.

Overall, we had a superb meal. It was almost like being transported instantly to a good sushi restaurant in Japan. The price was not cheap, on par with sushi restaurant of this level in Japan. But if you are willing to pay and want the best sushi experience, this is a restaurant that I highly recommend. If you do intend to go, I would strongly advise you to book well in advance if you want to be served by Mr Sase himself at the sushi bar. As he has a lot of booking and can really only serve up to 4 customers sitting at the sushi bar in one night, the waiting list is at least a month.

All photos were taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM.


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