An Appeal for the Victims of 311 Japan Earth Quake/Tsunami

The massive earthquake and tsunami that mercilessly struck Japan on 11th March not only shook Japan, but the whole world. Images of death, and massive destruction that we continue to see in the media cannot be described in words. My deepest sympathy and sorrow goes out to the Japanese people especially to those who have been affected by this disaster.

My regular readers would know Japan is one of my favorite country for travel and Japanese cuisine is also one of my favorite. I would like to appeal to all my readers to pray and help the victims of this disaster in any way possible.

You all know that I have been doing this blog only as a hobby and also as a free service to people around the world. I have not received any money or compensation in any way for the work I have done here. If you have found my articles have helped you before, and to those you have asked me questions before and received answers and help from me. I would ask you to kindly consider making a donation to the victims of this disaster.

Do what you can to help! You can donate to various different charity organizations via the Google Crisis Response page. I have personally made a donation to the Japanese Red Cross via this page.

I would appreciate of you could leave comments below after you have made a donation as an encouragement for others to join in with the donation to the victims in Japan.

I sincerely than all of you for the support!


5 thoughts on “An Appeal for the Victims of 311 Japan Earth Quake/Tsunami

  1. Agreed! Besides leading to disasterous consequences due to the earthquake and tsunami, this earthquake has also led to long-term repercussions in terms of the nuclear power plant incidents.

    Therefore, besides needing to find their family members and rebuilding their homes, the people in Japan will still have to face long term problems due to the nuclear contamination.

    This is very saddening and I truly feel sorry for the people in Japan. I sincerely hope for the best for them, and wish them all the best!

  2. You’ve been really helpful to countless people. It is sad that you go out of your way to help others on here save a lot of money, and get the right equipment but few lift a finger to help in return on something much more important in the scheme of things. Well, hopefully I’m one of the many more in the coming time who visits your site and is inspired to do the same and help out through the link you’ve put here. I also selected the Japanese Red Cross. Never used google checkout before, but it’s so fast, effortless compared to the evil giant, Paypal. By the way, I apologize for being critical of you about a month ago, with regards to approving posts.

  3. Hi Roland, in many parts of australia we to over and above our problems here supported Japan but many people do not forget history and will always hold grudges against who ever.
    People forget that when they ask forgiveness from their Maker they expect forgiveness,but if you do not forgive you will not receive that blessing.I always ask the question would you not like to live forever,many say not really but i ask the question again and i see everyone taking health pills,jogging to keep fit wearing fashionable clothing to look younger and no body wanting to die. Love your neighbour as you love yourself and we will have a better world to live in. Thanks Roland for your support on your side as i do know you are always helping others in what ever you do.
    Regards to all.

  4. I am very sorry that in Japan there was a disaster and I think
    every person in Russia will support me in this. I had
    have contact with the seller from Japan had very cultural and moral
    people. May God keep them and we will pray for them.

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