A Sincere Request

This is a follow up to my last post. I made an appeal to my readers to support the victims of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, and so far I am sorry and disappointed to say that the response has been very poor.

I first put up the post on 15th March 2011, and only one people has responded and showed any kind of support. I edited the post on 20th March 2011 and put links to the post on 3 of my most popular posts:-

On average, this blog got over 1,000 hits per day, and the top 2 posts listed above each got hit at over 200 times per day, but my last post appealing for support for the Japanese disaster only got 109 hits so far, despite my request for support and linking to the 2 top posts.

Sadly, the response has not been any better so far. It seems that most of my readers only really care about getting cameras and lenses and good prices and reading my camera reviews and few bothered even clicking into the link and read my last post.

I must say I am more than in little disappointed. Over the last few years, many people have come to me for help with asking for advise on buying camera and lenses, update on latest pricing and all other kinds of request. I have been gladly doing it all for free so far and have not asked for anything in return.

Now I am still not asking for anything in return personally. I am only asking you to support what I believe is a good cause. If 100 persons each day out of the over 1,000 hits I get each day would make a small donation of say 1,000 Yen (US$12.35), you will have all help to raise 3,000,000 Yen (US$37,065) in 1 month for the victims of this terrible disaster.

Please do what you can to help! You can donate to various different charity organizations via the Google Crisis Response page. I have personally made a donation to the Japanese Red Cross via this page.

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and supporting this cause.

I would appreciate if you could leave comments below after you have made a donation as an encouragement for others to join in with the donation to the victims in Japan.


17 thoughts on “A Sincere Request

  1. Roland,

    It is very sincere and thoughtful of you to come up with such noble gesture to reach out to our Japanese friends who are in a time of difficulty right now.

    It is by no means an easy task to suffer from one crisis alone but three at once is indeed very painful. I truly urge all friends right here to support this cause and with God’s grace, our Japanese friends who gave us so much…….your Canon, Nikon and etc are able to pull through this very difficult time.

    Thank You and let’s get the donation big or small coming to those in need in Japan,

    Yours Sincerely,
    Bernard Mak

  2. I understand your disappointment and I share it! Thanks for this post!
    I am so sad to read that in Europe people are little motivated because ” Japan is a rich country “!
    Japan and Japanese people are in all my thoughts and prayers. They are so brave , so courageous, they deserve all our help!
    I have personally made a donation to the Red Cross and bought some items which amounts will be paid back to the Red Cross too…
    Japan needs everyone’s help… Please show your heart!!!

  3. We have 2 hotels in Japan and as a company we have a fund raising drive in over 70 hotels to send financial assistance to the appropriate agencies…..stay the course my friend.

  4. Hi Roland,

    Your email really touched me. I appluad your effort for doing something to help the unfortunate people in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami. I made a donation to the Red Cross and trust that my contribution will have a positive impact.

  5. Well, it seems that people visiting are looking to get a great deal 2 bucks lower on a 1000$ camera…. not to give away this precious advantage….

  6. Roland, I will do my best in terms of donation, you can make sure we read everything here and appreciate your thoughtful ideas. Thanks again.

  7. Hi Roland,

    Donation has been made.

    I have appreciated your help to me and the money you have saved me, so this is small thing to do in return.



  8. Roland, you are a good man and you are right about the attitude of the readers of your block but i guess this is how the internet works these days. Everyone takes everything for granted and doesn’t like to contribute to anything.

    But assume only 50 people (which is 5 percent of your 1000) – which is pretty low calculated – read your post and then 10 percent (5 people) of them thought about it and donated in any way, after they read your article, you can say that your post is a success! I am one of the 10 percent. Please don’t get distracted by the low rate of response. People hear you and they feel you.

    I hope that you continue your work in the same spirit as before!

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