Dr N.K. and Melina Yong’s Wine Dinner on 15th April 2011

During my trip to Singapore earlier this month, I was lucky to have been invited to a wine dinner hosted by the legendary Dr N.K. and Melina Yong. Dr N.K. Yong is a medical doctor by profession, but a world renowned world expert. One of his famed act was conversion of his swimming pool at home to a wine cellar. Melina is Dr Yong’s beautiful wife, an excellent amateur chef and cooks to professional level. She is famed for creating dishes that matched the wines of Dr Yong’s perfectly.

One of my best friend who now lives in Singapore is a good friend of Dr N.K. & Melina Yong. So I was lucky to have been invited to their house to join their dinner that night. They have an amazing house and I had a chance to visit N.K.’s amazing cellar as well. It was the first time I have seen anyone with a purpose built cellar in Asia that has temperature controlled down to 10 degrees Celsius. I must say I had a wonder night, great food, great wine, great house and great company! Thanks N.K. & Melina!

All photos were shot in RAW with Panasonic DMC -GF1 with Lumix 20mm f1.7. The RAW files were converted with Capture One Pro and further processed with Photoshop CS5.


9 thoughts on “Dr N.K. and Melina Yong’s Wine Dinner on 15th April 2011

  1. What food and some Cellar, never seen a private cellar quit so big.
    Very impressive.Stuffed zucchini with crab cakes is my favourite.

  2. Dear Mr Lim

    My name is Christina Chua and I used to work for a Swedish boss – Anders Lindner – who is a good friend of Dr N.K. Yong when Mr Lindner was working in Singapore in the 80s. Mr Lindner joined Dr Yong frequently in his wine tasting functions during those years he had in Singapore.

    Currently Mr Lindner is living in Sweden and he recently sent a letter to Dr N.K. Yong at the address he had – 38 Draycott Driver, Singapore 1025 – which was returned back to him in Sweden.

    Mr Lindner is enlisting my assistance to re-direct his letter to Dr Yong in Singapore and scanning through the net, I saw your recent acquaintance with Dr Yong and would like to ask you a favour to check with Dr Yong whether he could give me an address to re-direct Mr Lindner’s mail to him? If Dr Yong needs, he could contact me at 96391299 for any clarifications.

    Thanks Mr Lim for your kind assistance and both Mr Lindner and I would appreciate very much your help on this matter.

    Christina Chua (Mrs)

    • Hi Christina,

      I will have to first ask my friend in Singapore to verify the story with Dr NK Yong first and if he agrees to give you his address, then I will forward it to you.

      • Dear Mr Lim

        Thanks a lot for your help… With much appreciation and looking forward to hearing from you…


  3. Dear Mr Lim

    Sorry to bother you again… Did you manage to get approval from Dr Yong because I would like to send Mr Lindner’s letter off to him asap.

    Thanks n brgds

    • Hi Christina,

      Sorry for the late reply as I have been rather busy lately. Anyway, good news is that Mr Linder’s story has been verified by NK Yong and I have forwarded his email with contact information to you.

  4. Melina is superb home cook and a very hospitable person.

    My name is Konstantinos Pitsillides and I met Melina and her husband in London
    O am a owner chef iof Kanella restaurant in Philadelphia Usa.
    I lost touch with them years ago.
    Please tell her about me and she may remember me(may be as Kostas)

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