Sushi Ta-ke 竹壽司 with FUJIFLIM FinePix X100

Sushi Ta-ke was opened in Hong Kong early this year with much fanfare because it is a sister restaurant to the Michelin star Sushiko Honten 寿司幸本店 in Tokyo. It quickly became one of the top sushi restaurants in Hong Kong and the restaurant was fully booked everyday until after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Like many high end sushi restaurants in Hong Kong, it has been heavily hit by the radiation scare. We were there for lunch and the restaurant was more than half empty.

Still I am happy to report that their standard of cuisine was still well maintained. The quality of sushi offered during lunch were still first rate. Set lunch is usually good value in most restaurants, but some will give you inferior quality food just because they charged less, but not in Sushi Ta-ke. The sushi set lunch for $360, they still give you all kinds of high quality seafood like Kanpachi, Shima-aji, O-toro and Uni. Overall, we had a really good lunch and it was great value.

My regular readers would know 2 of my favorite passions are photography and food. Therefore, food photography is very important for me, and any camera that I use regular must be able to handle food photography. My latest camera addition is the FUJIFILM FinePix X100, this was the first time I have used this new camera for food photography, and with the macro mode, I am quite pleased with the results. The X100 looks like a camera I can take out and use all day and be happy. All photos were shot in RAW and processed with Capture One Pro and Photoshop CS5.


2 thoughts on “Sushi Ta-ke 竹壽司 with FUJIFLIM FinePix X100

  1. Wow, thats all I can say very sharp and pleasing to look at. You have improved 10 fold over the years I’ve been on your blog .No’s 2,3,4 are great shots and so are the rest of them,well done Roland

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