Dolce Gusto – My New Coffee Machine at Work

If you have read my last post, you would know about my espresso coffee setup at home. As I have described in that post, the best espresso coffee of course can only be made with a combination of good coffee grinder, semi-automatic espresso machine and the proper barista techniques. However, running the same system at work would be too complicated and messy. With quick and easy access to running water and a fridge for storing fresh milk, the best option would be one of the coffee pod systems. The one I have settled on is the Nescafé Dolce Gusto. The main advantage of the Dolce Gusto vs other pod system is that it is the only coffee pod system that I now of that can make milk based drinks like latte and cappuccino without needing fresh milk. This was the main deciding factor on why I choose the Dolce Gusto over other pod systems.

There are a few different versions of Dolce Gusto coffee machines to choose from in US and Europe, but there is only one model in Hong Kong. You only get to choose the color, a choice of either white, red and titanium. I chose the red color model to brightening up the dull office surrounding.

The machine is obviously very simple. You can see the holder for the pod above.

At the back of the machine, you can see the water tank.

The power switch on the side is the only switch of the machine.

The machine came with a starter pack with 6 pods. Milk based drinks like Latte macchiato required 2 pods and straight coffee like espresso and lungo only required 1 pod.

Different flavored drinks come in boxes with 16 pods inside.

For mild based drink, 2 pods are needed. The black colored pod is for making coffee, the white pods obviously is for making foamed milk.

Finally, a latte made with Dolce Gusto.

All photos were shot in RAW with Fujifilm X100. RAW files were processed with Capture One Pro and Photoshop CS5.


3 thoughts on “Dolce Gusto – My New Coffee Machine at Work

  1. Before I made a decision to get a Caffitaly based capsule coffee maker, I have been drinking Nescafe Gold at home for the longest time and occasionally Starbucks/Coffee Bean gourmet coffee when I’m abroad. Having had Nescafe in my system for so long, I’m not sure if I’d like to invest in a Nescafe but that’s not the reason I have a Caffitaly machine – at the time my interest brewed to own one of these, I only knew about Coffee Bean’s CBTL and Cafe Tiziano (the one I have) and I thought that’s a good value-for-money system to have because they share the same ‘pods’.

    How does the Nescafe Dolce Gusto pod taste compared to, say, Nescafe Gold?

    • Hi Jan,

      I have read your Caffitaly coffee maker review awhile ago, it seemed to fit your purpose just fine as a home pod system coffee maker. However, as I have stated above, the main reason I chose the Dolce Gusto was because it can make latte or cappuccino without fresh milk, which works well in my office setting without running water and a fridge.

      Taste wise, I think the espresso made by Dolce Gusto is as good as any Nespresso espresso. The main difference is there are more coffee beans choice with Nespresso. I have never tried Caffitaly or CBTL pods coffee, so I would not be able to comment.

      As for Nescafe Gold, I seldom drink instant coffee. All I can say though is that espresso even made from any pod system taste quite different from any instant coffee including Nescafe Gold. It’s like comparing an Apple to an orange.

  2. This is a sex-appealing coverage Roland. It brings me back to university days of drip coffee maker when I used to consume at least 2 pots (yes 2pots) of coffee per night. Considering the kinds of pressure in a design course, 2 pots is actually not much. Fast forward to your review of Dolce and the imagery you included, I cannot help but to seriously reconsider putting my coffee maker to the front burners now. Thanks for sharing. Your coffee looks so good, the red Dolce so temptuous . . . like, “A Street Car Named Desire”. 🙂

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