I went to G.E., a new restaurant last week last week, which was just opened earlier this year. The chef, Bonelli Gianluigi, has a very interesting profile, you can read about him here. He called his style of cuisine as progressive cuisine or dining. There is no universal definition of what progressive cuisine is, one definition by some chef is used to replace the term molecular, as some chefs dislike describing their cuisine as molecular cuisine and would prefer to use progressive cuisine instead. However, chef Bonelli uses his own and another definition. He describes progressive cuisine as the opposite of trend driven movements that comes and goes in culinary world. You can read about his extended definition here.

Although there are definite molecular cuisine influence with the menu in G.E, and if you have read chef Bonelli’s profile, it is easy to understand as he has worked in both El Bulli and Fat Duck, but I would definitely not described the cuisine as molecular. Progressive or not. All I can say the food was indeed excellent with some rather surprising presentation and the taste was simply exquisite and delicious. As they are a newly opened restaurant this year, they have not been rated by the Micheline Guide yet, but if I were to give Michelin star rating, I would have no hesitation to award 3 stars to them. Their food is easily on the same level as any other 3 stars Michelin restaurants I have tried before, both in Hong Kong and in Europe.

The wine list is good, with a reasonably wide selection, but cannot be compared with the extensive wine list in some other restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. I had the multi-courses creative set menu with wine paring. I must say the wine paring was very well done. All the selected wines matched with the course perfectly. I was also introduced to some new wine. The dessert was matched with a glass of aged white port. White port has been around for long time. But white port I knew all along used to be just some cheap sugary fluid, but aged white port is something else. The taste is much more complex than ordinary white port and is a fine compliment to the dessert at G.E..

All photos were shot in RAW with Canon EOS 5D Mark II with EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. The RAW files were processed with Capture One Pro and Photoshop CS5 before publishing to the web.



  1. Hi Roland ,great photos as usual, the dishes look very upmarket.The presentation as they would say is divine and absolutely exquisite looking.You have done justice to G.E. with fine Photos.

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