Impression Lijiang

After Jade Water Village, we had one more stop before going to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. We went to the Impression Lijiang Show.

Impression Lijiang (印象·丽江) is a cultural show demonstrating the traditions and lifestyles of the Naxi, Yi and Bai peoples of the area. The show takes place inside Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Park at 3500m in an outdoor theater specifically designed to showcase the mountain which is used as a backdrop. The production itself was designed by Zhang Yimou (director of Hero, House of Flying Daggers), Fan Yue and Wang Chaoge, a cast of over 500 people, and a number of horses. However, the show does not have a plot. source :

All photos and the movie were shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM. All photos were shot in RAW and converted to TIFF with Capture One Pro with further processing by Photoshop CS5 before final output to the web. The movies were shot in Full HD and processed with Apple iMovie.


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