Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

After finished seeing Impression Lijiang, we had lunch and in the afternoon we went to see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. the main event of the day.

Mount Satseto, known in Chinese as the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (simplified Chinese: 玉龙雪山; traditional Chinese: 玉龍雪山; pinyin: Yùlóngxuě Shān) is a mountain massif (also identified as a small mountain range) near Lijiang, in Yunnan province, southwestern China. Its highest peak is named Shanzidou (扇子陡) (5,596 m or 18,360 ft). The view of the massif from the gardens at the Black Dragon Pool (Heilong Tan) in Lijiang is noted as one of China’s finest views. The far side of the mountain forms one side of Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hutiao Xia).

Shanzidou has been climbed only once,on May 8, 1987, by an American expedition. The summit team comprised Phil Peralta-Ramos and Eric Perlman. They climbed snow gullies and limestone headwalls, and encountered high avalanche danger and sparse opportunities for protection. They rated the maximum technical difficulty of the rock at YDS 5.7.

The Austro-American botanist and explorer Joseph Rock spent many years living in the vicinity of Mt Satseto, and wrote about the region and the Nakhi people who occupy it. An interest in Rock later drew the travel writer Bruce Chatwin to the mountain, which he wrote about in an article that appeared in the New York Times and later, retitled, in his essay collection What Am I Doing Here?. Chatwin’s article inspired many subsequent travellers, including Michael Palin, to visit the region.

The Jade Water Village is at the foot of the mountain. source : wikipedia.org

As it was only early Autumn, there was not much snow on the mountain yet, but the scene was still quite spectacular. The natural beauty of the mountain and unspoiled surrounding country are well worth the visit.

All photos were shot in RAW with Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM and Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM. The RAW files were converted to TIFF with Capture One Pro with further processing by Photoshop CS5 before final output to the web.

You can see a full set of photos at my SmugMug gallery here.




4 thoughts on “Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

  1. You are always so inspiring to us all, where travel and fine food is concerned. We have just looked at your blog for the first time in 7 weeks of travel and Yunnan is on our hit list for the next planned trip. The pictures are so clearand crisp and a pleasure to look at. Bought 2 lenses at Mr Yip total of 20,000 and what a nice man always freindly and gives good discount and very helpfull.I pass on his details to all who go to H.K. Roland if ever you go to Taiwan go to Taroko National Park south of Taipei thats if you have not been. We stayed at Silks Place Taroko in the mountains very beautiful with rivers and rock formations and high mountain peaks.
    Regards Louis

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