More Fujifilm X-Pro 1 High ISO Samples

I am going to post a few more high ISO samples. The following are ISO 6400 to 25600 JPEG shots straight from the camera with the Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4 R.

ISO 6400

ISO 12800

ISO 25600

The following is an outdoor test shot at ISO 25600. It may not look too good, but with some mild denoise using Topaz Denoise, after downsizing and sharpening, I think it should be perfectly adequate for web use or small print.

Original shot

After denoise, downsize and sharpening.


2 thoughts on “More Fujifilm X-Pro 1 High ISO Samples

  1. Lucky YOU Roland(!) and nice high ISO (or shall I call them HISO) renditions.
    Something about Fuji cameras really do it for me, right from the period of the E900, the S3 Pro and later the F200EXR the image quality in my view, is just fantastic.
    Maybe you might also disclose the street price of the body and each of the lenses.

    It will be difficult to beat this camera, (all things considered) this side of a medium-high range DSLR.
    It’s also great because the Nikonites and the Canonites and Sonyites and Lumixites didn’t create this camera which means they might have some work to do, rather than sit on their perches and read the morning newspaper.
    This camera is definitely ON TOP of my list. I don’t think I’ll ever travel with a DSLR again.

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