UNO DUO TRIO – Lana’s Rustic Home cooking with Fujifilm X-Pro1

UNO DUO TRIO – Lana’s Rustic Home cooking is an Italian Restaurant in Hong Kong. The chef/owner is the multi-talented Lana Oliveiro. Lana have done many things before becoming a chef. She was a Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant finalist, actress, PR manageress for a cosmetic company, feng shui master (or should it be mistress?), entrepreneur running a business selling Japanese milk powder before finally becoming a chef.

Like many talented chefs around the world these days, Lana has not received any official training in culinary art. She started out by cooking for her friends, and she became really good at it, and like many successful home chef, Lana decided to go pro and never looked back.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, Lana’s style of cooking is very traditional “homely” style Italian cuisine rather than the modern French/continental “fine dining” style of cooking. Lana is very adamant about her recipes being true to traditional Italian style and she is also very particular about the ingredients she uses, especially the fresh, rare and expensive vegetables she flown in from Italy everyday.

Lana is not just a pretty chef, she is also very open and friendly person. She welcomes any constructive criticism from her clients. How do I know? Let me just tell you an interesting side story…… Although Lana is kind of a “celebrity” chef, I do not know her personally previously. The first time I visited UNO DUO TRIO was last weekend and after the dinner, I wrote an email with some constructive criticism for Lana. She took it really well, not only was she not offended, she invited me and my wife to visit her restaurant again. Not only did she personally cooked many different dishes for us to try, she also chatted with us for a long time and asked about our honest opinion on her dishes. I can say her sincerity and dedication to her cooking is first rate. The thing I really admired about Lana is that she really cooks with her heart and is full of passion about everything she does.

There maybe a lot of good French and Continental restaurants in Hong Kong, but there are certainly very few good Italian restaurants in Hong Kong, and even fewer truly authentic, back to basic, Italian restaurants like UNO DUO TRIO.

Is is a perfect restaurant? Of course not, but then again, no restaurant is perfect. But if you want to savor good, honest hearty Italian cooking in Hong Kong, UNO DUO TRIO is highly recommended.

Incidentally, this is the first blog post on restaurants that I have used my new Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and the Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4 R to shot. Like many restaurants, the ambient light level was pretty low. Most shots were shot at ISO 5000. I would know use RAW shots, but since the X-Pro 1 RAW files are not supported in Capture Pro yet, I used the jpeg shots only. All the shots were processed with Photoshop CS 5 before final output to the web.

Gemme sull’Mare – carpaccio of precious seafood from the sea

Insalata di Caprese – Heirloom tomato, mozzarella & basil

Insalata di Caprese – Heirloom tomato, mozzarella & basil

Carpaccio di Polpo – carpaccio of octopus

Vitello Tonnato – veal with tuna mayonnaise

Cappellini con Polpa di Granchio – crabmeat cappellini

Risotto con tartufo e funghi

Spaghetti con Bottarga di Muggine – grey mullet roe spaghetti

Tagliatelle con Gamberi Rossi – Sicilian red prawns tagliatelle

Spaghetti con Vongole e cozze – spaghetti with mussels & clams

Pollo Arrosto – roast chicken

Osso Bucco alla Romana – veal’s knees with saffron risotto



6 thoughts on “UNO DUO TRIO – Lana’s Rustic Home cooking with Fujifilm X-Pro1

  1. Roland: DOF abuse notwithstanding (hard to dispute someone’s esthetic) I would not use the word “homely” (quotes or not) to describe something I like because, although it does have many meanings, the very first association it brings to mind is “unattractive.” “Home-style” sounds way better (unless you really meant that it is ugly…)

    • Hi BadBatz,

      I usually welcome any comment or suggestion, good or bad, and I do accept constructive criticism. I quote you first line “DOF abuse notwithstanding (hard to dispute someone’s esthetic)”, were actually trying to criticize me or not? On one hand you said DOF abuse and then hard to dispute……

      There have been the occasional person questioning about the shallow DOF in my food photos. I have explained it numerous time before, so I am not going to do it again. If you like it then good, if you don’t, it’s OK too. I cannot and do not expect to please everyone with my work.

      As to the use of the word “homely”, I do understand your reservation. Let me quote the meaning of this word from a dictionary:-

      1. lacking in physical attractiveness; not beautiful; unattractive: a homely child.
      2. not having elegance, refinement, or cultivation.
      3. proper or suited to the home or to ordinary domestic life; plain; unpretentious: homely food.

      Obviously, in 1. and 2., the use of the word “homely” can hardly be considered as complimentary, but in 3. can mean unpretentious : homely food, and that pretty well describe my feeling about the food at Uno Duo Trio….. unpretentious.

      I think the confusion lies in the fact that this word has a different meaning in the US and England, quote:-

      “In the United States, homely usually suggests absence of natural beauty: an unattractive person almost homely enough to be called ugly. In England, the word suggests a wholesome simplicity without artificial refinement or elegance; since it characterizes that which is comfortable and attractive”

      Hong Kong being an ex-British colony and with education In Hong Kong when it was under British rule and having been educated and lived in the British Isles for many years before returning back to Hong Kong. I tend to use word according to the British meaning rather than US meaning.

      Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

  2. US vs GB aside, as I find that topic to be rather banal and trivial, (but thanks anyway BB) the comment by BB of DOF “abuse” is a bit dramatic and unnecessary and rather over-riding in it’s approach, much like American Foreign Policy. Lets talk about the photos. The Canon 5D II shots had a LOT more “Feel” to them and because of this I think, it made a mouth watering response towards the food.. You did something very very right there I think. By contrast the X-Pro 1 shots looked to me to have a slight “plastic” quality and I don’t exactly know why. I fully expected the XPro1 to bring the food to life, which stragely, it did not do for me. I’ll be interested if others have the same view and I myself would like to gain some insights should there be a resulting strategy.

  3. Hello Roland,

    I love your food photos. However, it would be great to have a very brief description of the actual dishes.

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