Fujifilm EF-42 Flash

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 is one of the few camera that does not have a built-in flash. When I bought it last year, I only bought the tiny Fujifilm EF-20 flash as I thought I was not going to use flash much anyway, and for the occasional flash shot, the EF-20 would be good enough. Well, it is true that I did not use flash much, but for the few occasions that I needed to use a flash, the EF-20 turned out to be too weak to be useful, plus the fact that you cannot swivel the flash head for bounce flash in portrait or=orientation further limited its’ use.

So I finally decided to buy a proper “real” flash. The choice of flash for Fujifim cameras are very limited, as there are really no 3rd party TTL flash that can be used. So my only option was really the Fujifilm EF-42.

I have used it briefly today, and I am quite pleased with it so far.


The flash came in a classic Fujifilm “black” box


The front of the flash is pretty typical looking


The rear of the flash has a back-lit LCD display with a few buttons and a on/off switch


You can see the EF-42 is quite a bit bigger than the small EF-20


This is how the EF-42 looked like when fitted onto the X-Pro1


This is just one quick test shot of my famous snowman. The X-Pro1 was in manual mode, shutter speed 1/60s, aperture f2.8, ISO 400 and the flash was in TTL mode and pointed 45 degrees upwards and used as a bounce flash. I think the result was quite pleasing.


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