Itaewon at Night with Fujifilm X-Pro1

Itaewon (Korean: 이태원, 梨泰院, [itʰɛwʌn]) is a city district, in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is served by Seoul Subway Line 6 via Itaewon, Noksapyeong and Hanganjin stations. About 22,000 people reside in the district and it is a popular area for residents of Seoul, tourists, and U.S. Military personnel in Korea. source : wikipedia

It is a trendy night spot with lots of restaurants and bars. I was there during summer last year. Just some night shots captured after dinner.

All shots were shot in RAW with Fujifilm X-Pro1 with Fujinon XF 18mm f2 R. The RAW files were converted with Capture One Pro with further processing in Photoshop CS5 before final output to the web.















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4 thoughts on “Itaewon at Night with Fujifilm X-Pro1

  1. hi Roland – pity that Itaewon is such an expat area though! – completely unlike the rest of Seoul (apart from Insadong etc).. Damn shame you appear to have missed out on eating at O Kitchen which is one of the best restaurants I have eaten in a while. It was only metres away from some of your shots! I got the place listed on Trip Advisor, as shamefully they weren’t, and they now have quite a few comments:
    my (relatively bad i.e. not fancy Fuji and RAW etc) compact cam shots are under mrmink at very end

    Michael – from Sydney – there June 2012

    • Hi Michael,

      Well, I was at Itaewon for one night only, took some photos, that’s all. I have been to other parts of Seoul and the post is not meant to be representative of the whole of Seoul.

      During the short time I was at Itaewon, and I have actually eaten at O kitchen. It was surprisingly good and the price was also extremely reasonable. I was very pleasantly surprised. I will probably do a post on O kitchen separately later.

      • Roland, glad you have eaten there – as I say I went to Itaewon especially to eat there due to Rough Guide comments. It is certainly way cheaper than hi-end HK or Sydney!

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