My interests in life are varied including photography, audio-visual, music, films, food, wine, travel……….

Basically, I will be writing about all my interests in life and the contents will be include a good variety of subjects.

Since photography is one of my major passion, this blog is very “photo” orientated. As they say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. The following are some short introduction on various topics I blogged about.


My father was a pretty serious amateur photographer. He had his own B&W darkroom at home. He had various film cameras including early Nikon F, Leica M, medium format Bronica, 4×5″ large format camera. He developed most of the photos himself. So at a very young age, I already had an early introduction to photography.  I first started taking up photography seriously when I was about 12. My father started to let me use his film SLR and he showed me how to develop and enlarge photos in his darkroom. I also joined and became an active member at my high school photography club.

In my later teens, I went to England to study and serious photography went into hiatus for a rather prolonged period. I started doing digital photography about 12 years ago when I bought my first digital camera, the Canon Powershot G1. It was a good camera at that time, but the camera control and image quality was not really good enough to push me back into serious photography.

The Canon EOS 300D came out in 2003 and was the first affordable DSLR on the market. So I quickly bought this camera. It was much better than the Canon Powershot of course, but there some significant shortcoming that prevented me from truly falling in love with it, like the slow start up time and the tiny buffer.

The turning point came when Canon released the EOS 20D in 2004. It was really a landmark camera, fast and responsive, with remarkable image quality for its’ days. It was the camera that I was waiting for that pushed me full speed seriously back into photography.

Of course learning post-processing on a computer is an important aspect of modern digital photography. Some people look down on post-processing, but it is only a natural progression from traditional film darkroom work. Photographers used to do “post-processing” work in darkroom. It is no different from doing post-processing with software on a computer.

I do not have any official credential. I just have love and passion for photography with willingness to learn and experiment and quite a number of years of experience.

Food and Wine

If you read my blog, you would know that I love food and wine. I like to eat and drink in all kinds of restaurants in Hong Kong and abroad. I am also a home chef and like to cook and experiment at home with various cooking techniques.

Some people may think that I only go to expensive high end restaurants, but I actually go to all kinds of restaurants and very cheap ones too, but so long as they serve good food. There are good cheap restaurants, but there are also some bad expensive restaurants. The restaurants I choose to blogged about here are restaurants that I think are good. I prefer not to waste time blogging about bad restaurants.

The one thing that join my personal philosophy about food and photography is passion. Without passion, no home or professional chef can cook a good dish. In the same sense, only a photographer with passion can create good photos. Without passion, he or she can at best shoot mediocre photos.


Well, thanks for visiting my blog and don’t hesitate to leave any comments!

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  1. Hi Mr. Lim,

    I really enjoyed your blog. It really storytelling with beautiful picture to express the mood. Truely a fun and relaxing blog. I will visit many time, and as always, I’m looking forward to your excellent commentary and mindblowing photos. Keep up the good work. Happy Shooting…

    Your No.1 Fan,
    Tony Quan. 🙂

  2. Hi Roland

    Browsing your blog manages to be stimulating and relaxing at the same time 😉 Thanks for sharing your work with the world!

    Only one question… When will we have the chance to see a photograph of you?


  3. Hi Roland, THANKS FOR RESPONSE TO MY EARLIER MAIL REGARDING raw support for the 40D in cs2. Further to your comments I have downloaded the trial version of Lightroom. It’s certainly impressive, but being new to RAW files I can’t quite get my head round this: Why don’t I just import my RAW files to Canons DPP & just transfer to CS2 for adjustments. What is gained by doing all the manipulation in the RAW image before conversion?
    regards Richard

  4. Hi Richard,

    There are many reasons why you should do image adjustment in RAW. However, there are 2 main reasons as I see it.

    1. many image adjustments like saturation, levels, curves etc if performed in RAW, should give you better image quality than doing it in Photoshop.

    2. white balance adjustment is usually much easier done in RAW and the results are usually better as well

    RAW is usually better with gross adjustment whereas Photoshop is better with fine adjustment. So the general principle would be to do as much image adjustment in RAW as possible, say 90% and leave the last 10% of fine adjustment in Photoshop.

    a few specific image processing, prime example being sharpening is best done in Photoshop as a last step of post-processing rather than doing it in RAW.

  5. Hi Roland,

    I was just in HK over the weekend and was actually considering to buy a 40D since I read somewhere that it was a good camera. However when I got to the store, I saw a 400D. This has caught me by surprise. Now I could not decide which is it, 40D or 400D that was good.

    Would you happen to know how 400D compares with 40D?


  6. Can you help me Roland,
    I’ve got some question about digital photography. I enjoy joining photo contest from time to time in different websites & magazines and one time I encounter some guidelines to submit photo entry.
    It says only photo that is A4 format in 300 dpi
    I don’t know how to do that 😦

  7. Hi Joie,

    A4 refers to the size of the paper, it is a standard international size measuring 210 × 297mm.

    dpi=dots per inch, which is a measure of resolution.

    You have to answer a question for me first about this photo contest you wanted to enter. Do they want the photo submission in a printed photo or a digital photo file only?

    If they want it in a printed photo format, then you will need to print your photo with an A4 size paper and at 300dpi resolution.

    If they just want a digital photo file, then all you need to do is to set the resolution of the photo at 300dpi and crop & resize the dimensions of your photo to 210 x 297mm with your favorite image manipulation program.

    I hope this helps.

  8. Hi Julius,

    The Canon 100mm f2.8 USM macro is a very good lens, both for macro work and portraits.

    If you are into macro work, the Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 L USM macro should be condiered too. the longer focal length will give you a greater working distance for macro work and maybe preferable especially for shooting insects. The greater working distance will also allow easier lighting.


  9. G’day Roland
    You make very interesting reading and sounds like you know your cameras. I am thinking about updating my small Olympus digital camera either the Olympus “Tough 850sw” or “1030sw”. Where or are they readily available in HK and can you give me a rough price please?
    Thanks for your help.

  10. blockquote cite=”yummymummy97 Says: Only one question… When will we have the chance to see a photograph of you?”

    There is a photo of Roland on my blog which on last count has over 160 posts to date. Hint: The photo was taken by me when we visited HK last year. The address to start your search is http://shimworld.wordpress.com

    Good luck!

  11. Hi Roland,

    Have you had any experience using a Canon 5D camera? If so, I was wondering what you think of this particular piece of equipment.

  12. Hi Julius,

    The Canon EOS 5D is a very good full frame DSLR. The image quality of this camera is well known. You can get it for a pretty good price nowadays since it is already at the end of its’ product cycle. However, that is also the problem, since Canon would most likely come out with a new replacement for the 5D soon. Whether to buy the 5D cheap today and wait for the new replacement is a difficult decision. I personally would wait for the new replacement.

  13. Hi Roland,

    Its down under again, as you would say long time no see
    Im always around getting ideas what to do and how to do them Its a great learning process, but i did notice you dont have ygdragone on your blog any more.Hope you guys did
    not have a blue.I dont think a day goes by that im not on your blog or your fiends there is always so much info and ive already given your blog to at least 50 friends all who love photographe.always inspired and always” sandbaging’
    Meaning listening or watching.

    Regards Louis down under

  14. Hi Louis,

    Thanks for leaving a comment again!

    I have never actually featured ygdragon.net on any of my blog articles as far as I can remember. However, in reply to comments on “Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong”, I have given out ygdragon.net website more than once for people to check on approximate street prices of cameras and lenses in Hong Kong.

    I personally do not know the author of the ygdragon.net website, so there is no reason why I should have anything against his website. In fact, I think he is doing a great service to others by maintaining that list on street prices of cameras and lenses.

    Anyway, thanks again and I am glad you are still enjoying my site!

  15. HI Roland

    I must be getting old.Thanks again he does do like
    yourself a lot of good (info). Have you by any chance heard of
    photoshopfasttrack@gmail.com he seems to have a lot of stuff going cheap (info, tetorials) not sure of risk though his
    price at $97 seems cheap.I know you may not know of him but thought I would add this just in case it may be of help to others.
    Regards louis down under

  16. Hi Julius,

    No, you don’t need a special pass to shoot at Hong Kong Coliseum. In general, they allow still photography at concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum. Straightly no video photography though. Only a few singers did not allow photography at their concerts, notably Jacky Cheung and Ayumi Hamasaki.

    However, you don’t need good seats if you want to get good results. Within the first 6 to 7 rows if you are shooting with a 70-200mm f2.8 and probably as far back at 12th to 13th row if you are shooting with a 300mm f2.8.

    You usually will not be able to buy seats on these fronts rows at the box office. I usually needed to pull out all possible connections to get good eats at one of the front rows.

  17. Hi Roland,

    will be back in H.K. In Jan 09 To see my family and buy my
    canon 70-200 l is Usm. So far Im enjoying myself with the
    program elements 6 it does what I want. When I improve
    I will try some thing different but untill then Im going O.K
    Ive missed the boat in buying H.K dollar to get bargans
    in H.K. But all good things come to those who wait. Hope
    you are enjoying the games as we are down under.Down
    here its been cold but sunny.God Bless.

    Regards Louis
    Down under

  18. Hi Roland,

    Do you think I can get decent pictures at the HK Coliseum if I use a 70-200 f4.0 L IS USM as long as I am in the first six rows?

  19. HI, I hope you can help me. I’ve just got my 50D and me and a friend had to take photos in George South Africa on a golf coarse with not good conditions. We used a 500 iso and the photos is beyond use. The local Canon dealer did a test after phoning him. On jpg no grain iso 1000. On raw it’s just grain. My camera also packed up err99 with 2 different lenses. I am a photographer using 2 40D I used a 24-70 canon 2.8 lens and a 100-400 canon. The photos I took after the 50 packed up is th e only photos I can use. I am used to take rugby photos for th local news paper and many times I have to use iso 1600 and no cfomplaint. My canon 50d is beyond use. Martie

  20. Hi Roland,

    If I shoot at ISO 1600 with a 70-200 f4.0 wide open, do you think that I can get decent pictures at the Coliseum if I am in the first six rows?

  21. Dear Julius,

    I noticed Roland has pictures of the Jay Chou concert with the EXIF data. Since you have an F4 lens, it looks like you will need to use ISO 1600 for some of the situations. If your lens does not have IS, you might have a number of blurred photos with camera shake.

    Dear Roland,

    I hope you didn’t mind me answering for you. I did a quick comparison between the Jay Chou pictures and the Kelly Chan pictures. Nothing formal but the impression that the two sets give me. The Kelly Chan photos have better impact (for me) and seem much more detailed and defined. I guess it is partly the lens that is at fault! Nice to have a 300mm 2.8L IS.

    Just a question on technique – How did set the AF for your concerts? Do you use centre AF servo and crop accordingly?


  22. Roland,
    which model you use more nowaday? 40D or 50D?
    what are the lenses you use? which is your walkabout lens?

    EF-S lens have short back focus and produce smaller image to suit the cropped sensor DSLR. Even that, it still produces cropped image when use on APS-C? I though it would give a rather comparable similar size to FF since EF-S already have short back focus and possess smaller image to suit APS-C size? Can explain?


  23. Hi mun,

    I am still using a 40D. I bought the 50D as a present for my father and I gave it to him already. The 50D wasn’t really my upgrade target anyway, I am planning on getting the 5D Mark II, which I have on order.

    The lenses I use most are:-
    Canon EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM
    Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX HSM DC
    Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM
    Canon EF 85mm f1.8 USM
    Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS USM
    Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM

    I don’t really use a typical walkaround lens these days. The lens that I have on the camera most of the time is the EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM, as I personally like the ultrawide perspective. I also sometimes walkaround with the Sigma 30mm f1.4, especially at night or if I want a shallow DOF. I have a Canon EF-S 17-85mm f4-5.6 IS USM, but I haven’t used that lens for a long time already I mostly preferred using prime lenses and the ultrawide zoom nowadays. If you ask me which walkaround lens to buy though, then I would suggest EF-S 17-85mm f4-5.6 IS USM or the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM if budget would allow.

    As for EF-S lens, I think you are getting a bit confused. First some basics.

    The focal length of a lens is governed by physics only and not affected by what camera you mount it on. Say if you have a 100mm focal length lens, you can mount it on a APS-C DSLR, a full frame DSLR, a medium format camera or even a large format camera, and the focal length is still 100mm. That means if you focus something at infiinity, the lens will throw an image of the object at 100mm away from the centre of the lens.

    The image size you get from a particular lens is fixed for a particular focal length and is not affected by the size of the film or image sensor either. That means if you have a 100mm lens, and you focus on a particular object which is say 5 meters away, you will get the same image size on the sensor or film irrespective of whether the lens is mounted on a APS-C DSLR, full frame DSLR, medium format or large format camera.

    The only difference is that, a lens made for an APS-C DSLR will throw the smallest image circle and the lens made for a large format camera will throw the largest image circle. So theoretically you can mount a large format camera lens on an APS-C DLSR and it will work just fine. But if you try to mount a lens designed for an APS-C DSLR on a full fram DSLR, medium format or large format camera, then the image circle of the lens would not be able to fill up the sensor or film completely. But what you get in the small image circle would be exactly the same as what you’ll get on a full frame, medium format or large format lens.

    Canon EF-S lens as you know are lenses designed for Canon’s APS-C DLSR like the 450D and 50D. The difference between EF-S and EF lenses are basically that EF-S lenses throw smaller image circles whcih are only adequate in filling an APS-C size sensor and not large enough size sensor. Whereas EF lenses can throw an image circle large enough to fill 35mm full frame sensors.

    All back focus means is that, the EF-S lenses are designed so the most rear lens element protrudes out from the lens mount and is closer to the sensor than the rear lens element on an EF lens. When an EF-S lens is mounted on a camera, actually part of the lens would extend beyond the lens mount of the camera. So in theory less of an EF-S lens would need to protrude in front of the camera compared to an EF lens, hence making an EF-S lens more compact when mounted on a camera.

    Back-focus has nothing to do when image size and focal length. A 50mm EF-S lens will throw exactly the same image size as a 50mm EF lens.

  24. Hi Roland,

    I am wondering if you could help me. I am new here in Hong Kong and live in Kowloon side. I am thinking to sell some of my cameras (still and video). Is there any shops that they buy second hand products? What is the best way to sell those equipments in Hong Kong? Thank you for your kind help in advance!


  25. Hi Tara,

    I don’t usually sell my old cameras and lenses, so I don’t really have any real life experience with selling 2nd hand gears, but I can point you to a few shops.

    There are some camera shops in Sim City, 47-51 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, that deal with trading 2nd hand cameras. they are mostly on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Sim City.

    You can also try Tin Cheung Camera listed in my “Recommended Camera Shops”:-

    Or this shop in Tsim Sha Tsui area also deal with 2nd hand stuff:-

  26. Roland,
    i know you are very experinced with 40D and canon lenses.
    What is your comment on olympus E-series DSLR compare to canon EOS? Any idea from you for sharing? How to email you?
    Note for public:For sharing and personal preference experinces, we do not condemn any brand or model as each individual has their own preferences and each product has its own personality.

  27. Wow, an interesting thread here.
    I’m a newbie in food photography, a Nikonian.

    …..many image adjustments like saturation, levels, curves etc if performed in LR, should give you better image quality than doing it in Photoshop. white balance adjustment is usually much easier done in RAW and the results are usually better as well….

    I find this true for a while until I installed PS CS4 plugins, called Power Retouche. Somehow I’m still not comfortable using RAW format for images for web use. Maybe for printing purposes only.

    • Hi barefootster,

      Make no mistake that Photoshop is indeed a very powerful image editing software. It can perform many functions that no RAW processing programs can do.

      However, the point about RAW is that you have more latitude working with RAW compared to JPEG files. Working with RAW does NOT mean you don’t need to use Photoshop, but by doing as much processing and adjustment in RAW as possible before converting to JPEG, TIFF or PSD format before further processing with Photoshop should give you better image quality just by directly processing JPEG files straight from the camera.

      RAW software like Lightroom or Capture One Pro cannot replace Photoshop. They only complement each other.

    • It’s not difficult starting a blog on wordpress at all. Go the wordpress homepage and register a new account. There are many different templates to choose from.

      Starting a blog is very easy, maintaining it is the difficult part. Content is the most difficult thing. Writing and posting good and interesting content that others would want to read.

  28. Dear Roland,
    what lens do you use for food shot? and did u do any editing? if yes, what software do you use? and how to create that dark background

    thanks, i hope thats not too many questions

    • Hi Arif,

      I use the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM for all my food shots. If you have just read my recent article on Hutong, I have already described what software I used there. I did RAW processing with Capture One Pro, then further processing with Adobe Photoshop CS4. The each table in the restaurant were lighted by a single spotlight, and the rest of the restaurant were rather dark, so the background would be dark “naturally”, no post-processing was necessary.

  29. Hi Roland

    What a great blog, thank you for the time and patience you have clearly invested in it! Your passion & talent for photography leaps off these pages.

    I am looking to buy the new EOS 500D when it becomes available as my first DLSR. I know I will get a Canon 50mm prime lens but am unsure whether to go for the 18-200 kit or just go with the body and get a seperate zoom lens.

    I am looking to expand my photography and do not think the 18-55 kit will cut the mustard, however I am under budget restraint so was wondering what lens you would recommend for a good all round lens (in terms of function and most importantly image quality). I will predominantly be taking landscape and portrait pics though also some low light photography and events.

    • Hi Hank,

      If your most important criteria is image quality, then I would not advice getting the 18-200mm. The so-called “super-zoom” like the 18-200mm with a large zoom range of over 11x are obviously designed with convenience in mind rather image quality. There are too many design compromises involved and the image quality can only be described as adequate rather than good or great.

      As far as image quality is concerned, the 18-55mm kit lens is actually not that bad at all and certainly better than the 18-200mm, and 18-55mm range is perfectly adequate for a general purpose zoom covering most landscape and portrait shots. Your 50mm prime should cover for low light photography. If you are budget constraint, then I would advice getting the 18-55mm kit lens. If you really need the telephoto range, then consider getting the EF-S 55-250mm f4-5.6 IS to partner the EF-S 18-55mm, it is a very reasonably pricced lens with very good image quality, that should cover the whole zoom range for you.

  30. Hi Roland

    Many thanks for your advice, after much deliberation and some trial I went with the EF-S 18-55 kit lens in the end and must say that it is a perfect example that one should not believe all opinions they hear or read on the net!

    Kits lens works great, will save up to get something to compliment it but in the meantime I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    Thanks again.

  31. Hi Roland – first of all, thanks for your great blog and insight.

    I’ve just got a D300 and looking to build lens collection. I was going to opt for 18-200VR but noticed from your response above that it was better to split this into 2 lenses. Does this also apply to Nikon lenses? and secondly, would one notice a significant difference in image quality? (relative to having the convenience of an all in one lens)

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Joe,

      Yes, what I said about superzoom applies just the same to Nikon’s 18-200mm VR and all other 3rd party superzoom like those from Sigma and Tamron. IMHO, there is no lens maker at the moment who can break the law of physics and make a relatively light weight compact and reasonably priced superzoom with a large zoom range like 18-200mm with good or great image quality. These superzooms are built for convenience rather than image quality.

      And yes, the image quality difference between these superzooms and better quality zooms with less ambitious zoom range is quite noticeable.

  32. Roland

    I’ve been coming back to your blog occasionally since I discovered it. A useful, interesting and impressive site – many thanks. My wife and I will be visiting Hong Kong starting August 29th as the start of a 3 week “Quick look around Asia” tour. HK, down to Hanoi via a few days in Guilin with plane and train adventures. Famous Longsheng rice terraces, Li river, cormorant fishing and all the usual tourist attarctions. Then a few days in Singapore and then back to NZ. My camera will melt 🙂 !!!

    I have Minolta or KM 7Hi, A2, 7D, 7D, A200. Some a bit dead by now. I hope to but a Sony A700 on HK plus Som\ny 18-250,, which has excellent reviews for the price. I’m hoping your published A700 July prices still hold or are vene lower – and that the A700 will still be available.

    News that isn’t news. Today I spoke to a man in NZ who has been officially involved with Minolta cameras for decades and who also sells Sony. He needs to know in advance what is coming. He was certain that the A850 was real and due in Spetember. He didn’t know anything about the A500 & A550.
    I want an Alpha-D700!!!! :-). 12 MP, perfect ISO 6400 wedding photos , … . Works with my Minolta 500mm AF Reflex etc :-). So I’ll buy an A700 and hope that Sony gets it right in the next year or so. If not then Nikon beckons.

    If you knew anything about the latest A700 street prices it would be good to know. I know you can’t keep up with everyone’s favourite camera so no matter if you don’t know.

    Again, many thanks for the excellent and interesting site.


    Russell McMahon
    New Zealand

    I’ll be in Jacky Chan’s “Hong Kong budget hostel”, Mongkok. 29 Aug, 1 Sept. I *LOVE* Mongkok – people, food, markets, bustle – LOTS to photograph.


  33. Hi Roland,

    Considering of getting a D90 in HK. Seller says its made in thailand and he advised to get a canon instead. Is it true that d90 is made in thailand? And he also says i need to buy a motor assessory to operate the video function of d90. True?


    • Hi Terrence,

      Nikon has been making a lot of their cameras outside Japan for quite awhile and D90 is one of them. I know Nikon has manufacturing facilities for making DSLR in Thailand and I thinking they are making the D90 there although I cannot be 100% sure.

      And no, you don’t need any extra accessory to operate video function in D90.

  34. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for the reply. At least i know now that the D90 is not fake or what just because made in Thailand.The seller also commented that the kit lens for d90 is not digital but i thought its VR and therefore digital. He also said the kit lens cannot take macro shots.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Terrence,

      All I can say is that the seller is either ignorant and knows almost nothing about photographic equipment he is selling and at the same time trying to give out false and untrue facts that he made up himself to his potential buyers or he is an outright crook who is trying to cheat his potential clients.

      Although Nikon D90 maybe made in Thailand, which is not a lie, but to use that as a reason to say D90 is not a good camera and you should get a Canon DSLR instead is totally misguided advice. He also tried to tell you that you will need additional moetorized accessory for movie mode to work, which is totally untrue.

      Now he is also telling you nonsensical statement like “the kit lens is not digital”. I mean does the guy even know what he was talking about? A lens is a lens is a lens. There is no such thing as a digital lens. The kit lens is made to work with all Nikon DSLR actually, so I don’t see any problem with that.

      As for macro, practically all zoom lenses are not true macro lenses anyway. For true macro work, you will have to either get a macro prime lens or use extension tubes on normal lenses for macro work.

      He seemed to have some reason to try to persuade you not to buy the Nikon D90 and he is giving you all minds of wrong information and lies. Whatever camera you decide to buy in the end is something you can only decide for yourself, not the seller. If I were you, I would not buy from a seller like that, a totally dishonest or ignorant person.

  35. Hello Roland,

    I’m a freelance photographer in Beijing. I am planning to buy some new gear, and would like to do so in Hong Kong as i will go there soon to settle my visa again. The gear would be payed up front via tranfer though, and this is why i contact you: do you know the email contacts of any good, descent camera shop in HKG. its would have to be a Canon and Manfrotto retailer or official dealer.

    Would be a great help!


    Seppe van Grieken

  36. hi roland,

    thanx for all the good information on
    your website. today and tomorrow im in hk. i want to buy a canon 500d in hk. merit digital sells the camera for hk3500 Incl 15-55 lens but i dont know if its real. do you know it? or is it better to buy it at echo photo & audio. if yes do you know there price?

    i hope you can help me.
    kind regards,

  37. Hi Roland

    Thank you very much for your wonderful website. Your dealer & price listing in HK is very informative and helpful.

    I have used this list to purchase 2 Canon lenses from Echo Photo & Audio (Mr Yip). They have been very good.

    Are you planning on doing a full review of the EOS 7D in the near future, as I’m interested in getting the 7D.

    Thanks & Regards Wally Bouw

  38. Hi Roland,
    I appreciated the test of the 7D like other your works; a lot of people is speaking about the noise level of this camera at low ISO setting, and I haven’t seen yet a test about how the 7D can perform, in terms of noise, using the 10MP mraw files: this could produce a cleaner image, and it would be interesting, if possible, to compare mraw images fromf 7D to raw images from 40D, which I actually own.
    Is it possible to think the 7D like a “clean” 10MP camera with an extra-possibility of 18MP images?

    Thank you inadvance


    • Hi Massimo,

      I have not had the chance to do the mRAW test yet with the 7D, so I can’t answer your question about mRAW quality for the moment. I will do the test when I find the time.

  39. Hi Roland,
    I need your help. I have a Canon 1000 D with the kit lens
    18 ~ 55 3.5 and a 50 mm 1.8. I mostly shoot on vacation with my family. I was in a need of one more good lens.
    Was suggested to buy 85 mm 1.8 .
    Please suggest
    Mahendra Doshi

  40. Hi Roland,
    Are you planning on reviewing Canon’s new 1D Mark IV soon? I am saving up to purchase this camera and would love to see what you have to say about it. I have a 20, 30 and 40d and would love to finally have a pro camera for action photography as my main camera. Also would be great to be able to shoot sports successfully in low light situations, the 40d just doesn’t cut it. The 7D looks pretty promising, guess I could buy two of those for the price of the Mark IV 😀


    • Hi Veronika,

      The new Canon 1D Mark IV seems like a very promising camera. However, it is unlikely a camera I am going to buy. I don’t particularly need a very fast cmaera for action and sports. Although the high ISO capability seems very tempting, I am not particularly keen on the 1.3x crop sensor. I would rather have either 1.6x crop or full frame sensor. So unless if I can get Canon Hong Kong to loan a copy of 1D mark IV to me for review, otherwise, it is unlikely that I am going to review it.

  41. Hi Roland,

    After reading several reviews on the internet about the new Canon EOS 7D, it was your blog that confirmed my choice. I am also in a healthcare profession and I have high admiration of your photography skills and knowledge. I hope to make myself a better novice photographer so while I was in HK last week, I went to Echo Audio & Video and got a start up DSLR kit from Mr Yip who you had recommended.

    The gear I purchased:
    Canon EOS 7D body
    Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM lens+ UV filter
    Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L USM lens+ UV filter
    Canon speedlite 580 EX II

    I was tossing whether to get the IS version of the above lens but with Mr Yip’s advice, I decided not to. Do you have any comment or advice with what I have purchased? or is there any other “essential” gear I should get. My main shoots will be my 3 children (who plays at many orchestral concerts), nature and motorsport.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading your blog.


    • Hi Quang,

      Sorry for the late reply. You have bought some good gears and technically, those gears should be able to give you good results. I would have personally preferred to get the IS version of 70-200mm instead though, but the non_S version is a fine lens indeed.

      But it takes a lot more than good equipment to get good photos. Don’t forget to learning and applying the basics of photography. It will help you get the best out of your camera and lenses.

  42. Hello Roland

    Nice site you have.

    Do you have any experience in trading-in used 35mm (Nikon) gear with a dealer in Hong Kong, and which may offer the best deals?

    Many thanks


  43. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for your very informative site !

    I’m traveling through Hong-Kong in May and intend to purchase a 7D while I’m there. I currently have a 1000D with a Sigma 17-70 2.8:4.5 as my primary lens (I have other lenses besides, but this is kind of the reference lens…)

    Here’s my question: do you think the 15-85 kit lens sold with the 7D is better in terms of optical quality that the above mentioned Sigma ? In other words, should I keep the Sigma for the 7D or would it be better to sell the Sigma with the 1000D and get the 7D kit lens ?

    And another question: can you recommend a few cool places or things to shoot while in Hong-Kong ?

    • Hi Benoit,

      It’s hard to say if the Sigma 17-70mm or the Canon 15-85mm is better. There are pros and cons for either lenses. The Canon has a larger zoom range, wider at the wide end and longer at the tele end as well. It has USM autofocus motor, which is faster and quieter and also allows full time manual focusing. It also has IS, which can be quite useful for hand holding at slowish shutter speed. The Sigma has larger aperture, especially at the wide end, which is the main advantage of this lens. I don’t own either lenses, so I can’t tell you from experience, but optically, both should be good from what I have read from reviews.

      So it’s hard to say which route you should go, it really depends on your won preference. However, I would say, to get significantly better optical performance, you will have to consider the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM instead, but that is of course significantly more expensive than the 15-85mm.

  44. Hi Roland,

    Very informative site. Do know the price a gray market EOS 5D Mark II in HK? Would it be closer to the pricelist in your article?

    Great job.


    • Hi Rey,

      I am sorry I have no idea about grey market price for the 5D Mark II. I don’t really understand what you meant by “Would it be closer to the pricelist in your article? “. The price quoted in the price list is for officially imported model.

  45. hi Roland ….

    i’m from malaysia …. and i’ll visit hong kong tomorrow ….

    so i would like to buy

    a) canon 24-70 f2.8L

    b) canon 70-200 f4

    and do da lense hav INTERNATIONAL warranty …??

    what’s da best price u can give me thankzzzz …

  46. Hi Dr Roland Lim,

    I ‘found’ your blog at right time…I am going Hong Kong for hols next week…been googling about where to buy lens in HK as it is cheaper than Malaysia and Singapore here..

    I do take note about the warranty issue you’ve mentioned.

    I am a newbie in Photography…using a pentax K-7 with kit lens 18-55 and tamron 18-250..but as I loved to travel a lot..one problem I face is the lens are not fast enough… esp when I need to take photos at concert, museums, indoors…I cannot go higher ISO than 1600 d/t noise problem with K7.

    Would you mind to give me some advice? I am thinking of getting a fast lens…Sigma 30mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.4 came to mind, but I am undecided regarding the focal length. 50mm cropped will make portrait look good, but too narrow. 30mm cropped, look nice, but not so good with candid, as I need to quite near to subject. What’s your experience? I also read about the focusing problem when using 3rd party lens…

    I have also surveyed Pentax 43mm 1.9 and 31mm 1.8…. my question is, whether there is a ‘BIG’ difference between 1.9 and 1.4 in low light…

    How about zoom lens? tamron 28-75 f2.8…is 2.8 usable in low light?

    Sorry for the long mail… I really wish to get a good lens at a good deal in HK.

    Regards and thanks for the informative blog you have!


    • Hi John,

      I really don’t know the Pentax K7 that well and I do not know if it has problem with autofocus with 3rd party lenses.

      What focal length lens to get depends on what you want to shoot and your shooting distance. For portraits, 50mm would work fine on the K7. For museum, it depends what kind of museum and what kind of things you are going to shot inside a museum. Shooting a tiny postage stamp inside a glass display obviously requires a different lens from shooting a T-Rex dinosaur fossil skeleton or a painting by Monet. One lens will not fit all.

      As for concert, unless you can get very close to the performer, practically on stage, then none of the lens you are thinking of will have enough reaching. You will need something like a 70-200mm at least.

      Obviously for shooting indoor with lowish lighting in general, the larger the aperture of the lens, the better.

  47. Hi Roland,

    I was in Hong Kong last week and found your article on camera shops extremely useful. By coincidence I know people there who are photographers and their information correlated almost exactly with yours. A very comforting state of affairs!

    I have posted references to that page on another site (Whirlpool) because it is by far the best and most up-to-date resource on the subject I have been able to find, particularly on warranty issues.

    Thanks again for your help!


    Melbourne, Australia.

  48. Hello Roland,

    found your blog by sheer luck – and what a luck. I love your food pictures, and as we will be going to HK in two weeks, I will jot down all the good food places you mention here.

    I love the look of the images taken with the 50mm lens at wide aperture – very similar to “my taste” – both food- and photo-wise.

    Take care, and cheers from Germany

  49. Hi Roland,
    Just saying “HI”…
    It’s been quite a while since I have visited you here with Q & A’s.
    Firstly, it’s great that you are still there and doing what you do best (and love), which enables the rest of us to share in some of that interest and enjoyment of Photography and cameras.
    I still have my normal set-up which is the D200 with the 18-200 vr nikkor. I lost a bit of time and interest using my D200, because I have not been travelling as much. However, I will this year, probably visit HK again and will do the rounds of Mongkok when it comes to camera shops!
    Have you any experience with the Fuji X100?
    I wouldn’t mind a small addition to my pack such as this, which by all accounts sound like a very interesting model indeed.
    Would you care to tell us about this camera if you have used one in your hands please?
    Just some guiding impressions will do, nothing too analytical and with tons od details…ok?
    Would I be guessing close if the street price of this camera in HK might be around
    I might celebrate my Birthday this year in HK. Care to come to the Party?

    • Hi otto,

      Sorry for the late reply. I was away from Hong Kong and was not able to give your question a proper reply while I was away.

      There were already a lot of hype with the Fuji X100 before it was even available months ago. As usual, new cameras like the X100 would usually be in extremely short supply when first released, plus the fact that it came a a “wrong” time just shortly before the Japanese Earthquake on 11th March. Basically, there are no stock available in town anymore, no matter how much money you are willing to pay. The last of the few available stock I heard some shops were selling for $18,000 or over.

      The X100 is a camera that I would love to get my hands but with crazy prices and basically zero stock in town, I don’t think I will get my hands on one for awhile yet. So I am not able to give you any first hand experience on it. However, from what I have read from other well respected sites like luminous-landscape.com, it indeed looks like a very promising camera with very good image quality. The user interface may not be perfect yet, but it is a “first” generation product from Fuji and it is likely that they maybe a able to improve it later on. It seems that it is going to be a great camera to use, it really boils down to whether you can live with a camera with a fixed prime lens. Some can, but with so many people used to using zoom lenses, quite a few may not be able to accept fixed prime lens camera.

      When one day I do get my hands on the Fuji X100, I will certainly write up on it.

  50. Hi Roland Lim
    I am interested in photography and i use to see your blogs, which help me so much. So please would you like to provide me some information on Leica S2 camera. For what purpose it was made. What kind of photographer use Leica S2 and some other information on it. For example, people said Canon 5D Mark II is good for landscape. Thank you

    • Hi Surya,

      The Leica S2 is a high end medium format camera that mainly appeals to professional photographers. The main use for Leica S2 would most likely be for portrait, fashion and perhaps landscape photography.

      Yes, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a very good camera for landscape photography.

  51. Dear Roland,

    My wife and I will visit China in a touristic tour during the second half of this month and we will be in Hong Kong from May 25-30th. As a diligent photograph, I intend to by my first DSLR in Hong Kong, certainly much cheaper than here in Brazil, compensating the lack of international warranty. Searching internet for comments, information and tips regarding which camera (Nikon or Canon) to buy, and places in HK where to buy, I found your blog. Your comments and tips were very helpful and informative, particularly the article about the “Recommended Camera Shops”. I appreciated them very much.

    Therefore, I don’t have any question regarding cameras or camera shops in HK, but I would have one request somewhat related to your profession (I read your replay to a comment in which you mentioned to be a medicine doctor): my wife is physiotherapist and she intends to buy some therapeutic instruments in Hong Kong. She is particulary interested in a apparatus called Haihua CD-9, manufactured by a Chinese company (Dandong Haihua Applaied Technics Development Co. – http://www.hh95.com). Would it be possible for you to kindly suggest us some shops in HK in which we could find this equipament? Or, at least, suggest a few retailers of therapeutic instruments for us to visit and ask for such equipament?

    Thank you very much and best regards from Brazil.

    Celio Magalhaes
    (Manaus, Brazil)

    • Hi Celio,

      My interaction with physiotherapist only goes as far as sending consultation to physiotherapist for those patients who may required their care. So I am afraid I really don’t know much about therapeutic instruments for physiotherapist.

      I have looked at the link you gave above though, there is no mention of any sales network outside of Mainland China. I would suggest you write a email to them at haihua@hh95.com and ask them if they have any dealer in Hong Kong.

      • Hi Roland,

        Thanks for your comments. I have already sent them an e-mail and I`m waiting for their reply. Meanwhile I kept searching for any possible retailer of such products and found a company that sells them. The company is from Shenzen City, which is nearby Hong Kong, I believe. I’ve already got in touch with them and – you won’t believe it – their sale’s representative is … Brazilian! My wife is already in touch with her and arranging everything in Portuguese.

        Let me go back to photography business. After reading several articles in specialized magazines and in the internet, I’m tending to choose the new Nikon D5100, a model that was announced about a month ago by Nikon. I read in Nikon’s website for Hong Kong that it is already on sale in some shops there. My questions are: would you have any comment about this camera? As a zoologist (I study the freshwater crabs and shrimps from the Amazon basin), I intend to use it quite a lot for macrophotography. What lens might you suggest for such finality?

        I will appreciate your comments on that.

        Best wishes,

        • Hi Celio,

          The Nikon D5100 should be a good camera with very good image quality that should be very similar to the Nikon D7000. For macro photography, your best choice would be to get a macro lens, the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED should fit that bill.

  52. Hi Roland,

    first of all, thanks for all your information you provide here on your website, it helped me a lot to choose my first DSLR finally even as a HK local. Today I bought the Canon EOS 600d kit at your No. 1 recommended shop “Echo Photo & Audio”. Mr Yip is a really nice guy and much more professional than all the other Salesmen at Nathan Road. I will definitely come back when I’m looking for my next lenses.

    With best regards,


  53. Dear Roland,
    First of all, let me thank you for rendering your service to us all over the world.
    My Canon lens EF28-70 f2.8 was out of order. zooming totally jammed. I brought it to Canon Malaysia
    for repair and they returned my lens with the remarks ” Return unrepaired as parts discontinue. Checked focusing unit faulty.
    I just wonder if you can help call Canon Hong Kong and check with them if by an chance that the said part is still available. Thank you.

  54. Hi Roland, just want to ask you some question regarding lens.

    Last Feb I just bought new lens Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 II DC OS HSM. Actually can be said I use my lens with carefully and never fall, but right now my lens have problems. When I turn on my SLR and want to take a pict with my D5000, I see that the lens shaking when I turned around 18-20mm. Do you have any idea why this problem can be happened?

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Grace,

      There definitely seems to be a problem with your lens, maybe something wrong with the zoom mechanism. Best to take your lens to local Sigma service centre for repair.

  55. Hi Roalnd,

    I have read and seen a few DSLR/Non-DSLR cameras in Hong Kong at multiple places.

    I think I need some real HK advice from you.

    Could you suggest which one is best suited for my use mainly Casual / Fun Activities/Concert/Monuments Shootings for Purpose of Facebook /Flickr Uploads. I love to travel and mainly need a good camera for my trips with my wife.

    My choices:

    Canon 600D with 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit

    Canon G1X

    Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm lens

    Sony NEX 5-N

    I have a fair amount of manual control knowledge as I am using Canon SX 100 IS camera now. Please guide me in the right direction.



    Thanks & Regards,

    • Concert photography demands a lot from the camera/lens. DSLR like the Canon 600D or Nikon D5100 will definitely be the better choice. For your other kind of photography interest, the Canon G1X or Sony NEX 5N will do fine too.

      There are pros and cons with tradeoff with all your choices. There’s no definitive answer as to what is best. For example, the DLSRs should be the most versatile choice as far as system expandability, lens choices, autofocus etc. But DSLR s are bulky and heavy.

      NEX 5N is relatively small and lightweight compared to DSLR, it also allows you to change lenses, but ultimately, system expandability are not really as good as DLSR system. The autofocus would not be as good for fast action, sports or in low light as DSLR.

      The Canon G1X is a good all in one large sensor compact camera that is a one camera solution. Small and easy to carry around everywher you go, but of course you lose interchangeable lens and the complete expandability of a DSLR systme or even EVIL cameras like the NEX 5N.

      In the end, it’s only a choice that you can make yourself.

  56. Hi Roland

    I found your informative website while looking for a place to buy a camera in Hong Kong. I have decided to purchase a Canon EOS 7D (read your review) and would like your advice about a lens for that camera. I have a Framing, Gallery, Art Supply business in Australia and also produce good quality paper and canvas prints on my Epson Stylus Pro 9880 printer. I decided to get the 7D camera so I could take my own photographs of the local area and have the quality to produce some large prints on my large format printer. I have printed many large prints for a particular photographer that uses a 5D with a good lens. My plan is to get an EFS18-55mm lens for our 3 week holiday and then purchase a better quality zoom lens later that can do wide angle as well. Is the EFS 18-55mm ok to use with the 7D and are the more expensive EF zoom lenses a much better quality? Can you recommend a good lens that will that will cover most situations.



    • Hi Paul,

      The EF-S 18-55mm is a good started general purpose lens with reasonably good image quality. If you want better image quality and is willing to pay more, then the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM will be significantly better. You may also consider getting an ultra-wide zoom like the EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM for landscape work.It will give you a perspective that a general purpose zoom can only dream about.

  57. Hello Roland,

    I bought my first DSLR in Hong Kong a few years back based on your camera shop recommendation, and I am looking to follow that with the newly released Canon EOS 5D mark III (Body only).

    I have tried to check with a few suppliers about availability, but none have replied back.

    Can you please comment on availability of this camera from Tin Cheung or Echo (or in Hong Kong in General)?

    Best regards,


    • Hi Kervyn,

      If you go to my Camera and Lens Street Price List page, I have already put in a comment there stating that stocks in Hong Kong for the 5D mark III is very limited at the moment. If you can find any, it’s usually only kit set. I am personally waiting for a body too myself.

  58. Hello Roland,
    We were in Hong Kong for a stopover between Israel and Australia and wanted to buy a camera. We searched the internet for a safe place to buy and came across your site. Thank you for your recommendations. We went straight to Echo Photo and asked for Andrew Yip and told him that you recommended him. He was very helpful and sold us a Canon 650D kit plus a telephoto lens. We were glad to not have to risk Nathan Road. He told us that the warranty was only good for Hong Kong, which was different from what a shop in Nathan Road said, which said that there was a univeral warranty. We chose to risk it, as we saved a few hundred dollars off Sydney prices.

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