Don Alfonso 1890 Macau with Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Don Alfonso 1890 Macau is an Italian restaurant in Grand Lisbao Hotel in Macau. It is a branch of the Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, a 2 Michelin stars restaurant. It is a modern “fine dining” style Italian restaurant. The dishes are all beautifully presented. However, the ingredients and flavours are truly authentic Italian. The decor is classic and grand, some may consider it as too opulent with all the red chandeliers. The service is impeccable. This restaurant is listed in the Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Guide, but not given any stars. I was personally very impressed with the quality of the food here, and I would have no hesitation in giving them 3 stars in relation to the quality of other 3 Michelin stars restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau.

All the photos were shot in RAW with Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM.  The RAW files were converted with Capture One Pro, with further processing in Photoshop CS5 before final output to the web. This is the first restaurant post I have shot with the 5D Mark III, and I was certainly very pleased with the image quality. The 5D Mark III autofocus performed impeccably under low ambient lighting and low contrast situation. It easily locked onto focus where the 5D Mark II would have failed completely.

I have sent a email to the Chef de Cuisine of Don Alfonso asking him to give me description of the dishes. Once I get a reply from him, I will add the descriptions.

** Update 21/6/2012 The Chef de Cuisine of Don Alfonso, Chef Vincenzo has sent me full name and description of the dishes and I have added them to the photos below.

Calamaretti con polenta, rucola e balsamico invecchiato

Baby squids with polenta, wild arugula and 25 years old
balsamic vinegar

Since in Italy the fishing season of the baby squids is very short, this dish is featured on our menu only for a period of time of the year. The 25 years aged balsamic complements and balance the “spiciness” of the wild arugula and the polenta.

Carciofo alla Giudia ripieno di mozzarella di bufala su salsa di acciughe di Cetara, mentuccia romana e tartufo nero

Artichoke in “Giudia style” with buffalo mozzarella, pennyroyal mint, black truffle and sauce of anchovies from “Cetara”

The artichoke has been first deep-fried, stuffed with buffalo mozzarella, imported from a small producer from south Campania, and then baked in the oven for seven minutes. To enjoy the smooth texture of the melted mozzarella it is advisable to eat the artichoke as soon as we serve it. The combination of the black truffle, anchovies and pennyroyal mint sauce enhances the elegance of the dish.

Zuppa di pomodori “Campani” e triglia di scoglio con origano di “Punta Campanella”

Cream of tomato from “Campania” with striped red mullet and oregano from “Punta Campanella”

The precious San Marzano tomatoes, used for the soup, are rich in minerals and calcium because have been grown on the volcanic soil of the Vesuvian area. The oregano is sourced by the farm of Chef Alfonso in Punta Campanella.

Fusilli tradizionali fatti in casa con vongole Mediterranee e zucchine

Traditional home-made fusilli with Mediterranean clams and zucchini

The fusilli are made according to the traditional recipe of the Neapolitan pasta makers and their flavour is enhanced by the unique “sea” aroma of fresh Italian clams.

La Classica braciola Napoletana di maiale nero con scarole saltate e polenta

Black pork rolls with raisins and pine nuts in a Neapolitan ragout served with sautéed escarole and polenta

The Neapolitan ragout has been an essential part of the food culture since seventeenth century. Rich in flavour, due to the high quality ingredients, the Neapolitan ragout has an important value in the culinary industry and is the emblem of our culture.

Lasagna di mango e ciliege

Lasagne of mango and cherry

A surprisingly refreshing dish that appropriately links the main course with the dessert.

Sfogliatella Napoletana con salsa di amarena

Famous Neapolitan puff pastry slices stuffed with cinnamon and candied sour cherries

It is unthinkable to go to Naples without eating the famous Sfogliatella. Unfortunately its recipe cannot be disclosed….. therefore you have to come to Don Alfonso 1890 – Macau to discover it……


One thought on “Don Alfonso 1890 Macau with Canon EOS 5D Mark III

  1. Very nice as usual,excellent presentation,love the last one with the name on the plate which looks like the sweets with cherry sauce.

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