J-Ping Cafe

Do not be misled by the name of this restaurant. Although it is called J-Ping Cafe, it is in fact a fine dining Italian restaurant in Taichung City. Taichung has plenty of amazingly good restaurants at reasonably prices by international standard, and J-Ping Cafe is definitely one of them. The chef/owner is called Wang J-ping, so it is not difficult to guess where the name of the restaurant came from.

J-Ping was even named by renowned Taiwanese food critic Han Liang-lu as “ a chef with a Michelin starred talent”. I would definitely agree. I would say it is probably the best Italian restaurant in Taichung if not the whole of Taiwan.

The cuisine they serve in J-Ping are authentic, but also creative with a nice blend of modern style western cooking techniques. If you ever make a visit to Taichung, J-Ping Cafe would be one of my top 3 recommendations (the other 2 are Fleur de Sel and Le Moût).

All photos were shot in RAW with Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. The RAW files were converted with Capture One Pro and further processing with Photoshop CS5 before final output to the web.


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